Auto insurance in Austin, Texas, can get expensive when you are a senior citizen. Some insurance providers do not take into account your years of experience as proof of your ability to drive without having multiple accidents every year. These indemnity companies, instead, view older drivers as more of a risk than middle-aged drivers.

You do not have to expect to pay astronomical prices simply because of your age. Use these three tips to get affordable insurance in Texas.

Tip #1: Consider a driving class

Some mature drivers bypass the notion of a driving class because they have been on the road for so long. Your experience as an independent driver, however, is precisely why you should consider a course.

A driving class teaches you about new laws in your state in addition to serving as a refresher about the basic rules of the road. You may have forgotten what a rolling stop looks like because of your many years of driving without formal supervision. A crash course may be just the thing that you need to renew your commitment to safety.

Tip #2: Buy a cheaper car

This tip is not just for individuals over the age of 65. Many drivers purchase the most expensive vehicle that their budgets can afford only to feel overwhelmed when the insurance bill arrives. An economically-friendly car does not cost as much to insure because repairs for damages are considerably less than those of a luxury or sports car. Buying a cheaper vehicle, then, saves you money by default.

Tip #3: Drive less

There is nothing wrong with taking road trips a few times during the year. You should, however, consider making the most of your retirement by driving less. Auto insurance companies reward drivers who take public transportation during the week with cheaper premiums. Make sure that you report your reduced driving habits to your indemnity provider to reap the full benefits of such a lifestyle change.

You have to purchase auto insurance if you plan to operate your vehicle in Austin, Texas. You do not, however, have to pay premium prices for coverage just because you are a senior citizen. Use these tips to get affordable insurance.