You’ve probably used your car for ages, and the burden of insuring it is becoming bigger with time. While the definition of an old car is relative, it’s important to stop wasting money on a vehicle that keeps breaking down every now and then. Paying for an expensive insurance policy for an old car does not provide the right value for money. There are a few facts you need to know before insuring your old car.

The value of your car should be an indicator of the type of insurance to take

While most people attach great sentimental value to their old vehicles, holding onto a car that is always in the garage is not worth it. For instance, if the car cannot cover at least 1000 miles before breaking down, then there is no need of having it. It wouldn’t make sense to pay for a comprehensive policy for a car whose total value is not reasonable.

A comprehensive insurance policy is not mandatory

It is not a requirement in Austin Texas for a car to have a comprehensive policy. You can opt for a third-party insurance policy if you feel that the value of your car is too low, and if your car is the kind that experiences mechanical problems too often, you don’t have to pay for a comprehensive policy.

Classic cars should not be mistaken for old cars

Some of the most expensive and valuable vehicles today are the classic cars. Classic vehicles can be defined as older, but collectable, cars that are rare to find. If you own one of these, you need a special insurance policy known as classic car insurance. Therefore, a third-party insurance policy would be a bad idea if you own a classic car.

Experts can help you to assess the condition of your vehicle

If you are still not sure whether your vehicle falls in the category of “too old”, working with insurance experts can help you a lot. Buying insurance from a local direct agency like EZ Insurance of Austin Texas ( will help you to get affordable insurance for your old car.