Both auto insurance and extended car warranties shield Texas drivers from unexpected costs. People pay flat monthly or annual fees so that they don’t have to spend money on individual repairs. However, these two services differ in many ways, and they benefit motorists under much different circumstances.

Extended warranty

When the original warranty expires, a car owner has the option to buy extended coverage. Automotive clubs, manufacturers, dealers and various other companies sell these guarantees. They fund essential services when parts need to be fixed or replaced, but motorists can’t use these programs to pay for repairs after accidents or natural disasters take place.

Extra features

Some extended warranties include services that a typical manufacturer’s guarantee might not provide. For instance, a major auto club’s extended warranty pays for new batteries. It also provides drivers with rental vehicles when necessary. Likewise, some car insurance policies come with valuable extras e.g., motorists may receive roadside assistance at no additional charge.

Auto insurance

Unlike warranties, insurance pays for repairs that become necessary as a result of accidents and other sudden events. Liability policies usually only cover damage inflicted upon another driver’s vehicle. On the other hand, collision coverage generally pays for all crash-related repairs unless the accident involves animals.

Comprehensive plans cover damage in several other situations. Drivers benefit from them when fires, hailstorms and natural disasters take place. This type of policy also comes in handy if vandalism occurs or a motorist crashes into a large animal. Some of these incidents may void a vehicle’s warranty, so comprehensive coverage is crucial.

Breakdown insurance

When you compare extended guarantees with insurance policies, you may notice ads for mechanical breakdown coverage. This service resembles an extended warranty because it pays for non-accident repairs. However, it’s somewhat different because insurers sell it instead of automakers or dealers. Different state regulations apply to breakdown coverage as a result.

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