Auto insurance companies want to reward safer drivers. The safer you are, the less likely you are to make a claim, which reduces the financial risk the insurance company is taking on you. Buying a car with reliable safety features can qualify you for discounts, making your premium more affordable in the long run. Here are some important car safety features that can give you a discount on your insurance policy.

Anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock brakes have become fairly standard since the ’90s, and auto manufacturers are now required to include them on their vehicles. They prevent you from losing control if your car starts to skid. Insurers prefer that you have a newer car with anti-lock brakes, as opposed to an older model without them that puts you at a higher risk for an accident.


Airbags are another standard safety feature that is required in all vehicles. They can protect you from injury in a crash by catching you before you hit the hard surface of the car. Some cars have additional airbags beyond what is required by law, and some insurance companies offer discounts for this.

Backup cameras/lane change sensors

Some newer cars have backup cameras, which help you to see behind you while backing in and out of parking spaces. They may even show you digital guidelines for where you should park. Lane change sensors are also very helpful – if there’s someone in your blind spot and you start to change lanes, the car will beep to warn you and prevent a collision.

Anti-theft devices

There are many different types of anti-theft devices you can install on your car to prevent theft and vandalism. Car insurance companies will reward you with discounts for using these devices to protect your vehicle, particularly if you have comprehensive insurance.

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