Most Texans know that the Lone Star State requires motorists to purchase auto insurance, but you may wonder if any exceptions exist. For example, do you need to insure antique cars, mopeds or motorcycles before using them?


The state government expects citizens to possess liability coverage for all autos that they drive. It doesn’t exclude vintage, antique or other rare cars; these vehicles still have the potential to cause serious accidents.

The only major exception is that you needn’t insure a car that always sits idle on your property. A police officer won’t request proof of coverage for a parts vehicle or antique auto in your back yard or garage.


Texas authorities expect people to obtain insurance for both light and heavy motorcycles. These vehicles use public roads and travel at highway speeds, so their owners definitely need to purchase liability coverage.


A moped resembles both a motorcycle and a bicycle in different ways. It combines a small engine with pedals. These compact vehicles travel quickly enough to inflict injuries and damage, so insurance is required.


If you own a recreational boat, the state won’t force you to insure it. Your homeowner’s policy may or may not cover the vessel. Keep in mind that some marinas and lenders demand coverage.


An ATV has three to four wheels and seats one or two riders. Texas doesn’t allow people to drive ATVs on public streets under most circumstances. Consequently, insurance coverage remains optional.

Golf Carts

Texas law permits very limited use of uninsured golf carts on public roads. If your city allows people to drive these vehicles on its streets, you’ll need to insure your cart before you can take advantage of this policy.


You might wonder about the definition of “autocycle” if you read the state rules. Basically, this term refers to a three-wheeled motorcycle. You’ll need liability coverage to operate this type of vehicle.

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