Tires are a crucial part of your vehicle that can cost a substantial amount of money to replace. Auto insurance may reimburse you if your tires become damaged, but this will only happen under certain circumstances.


When a traffic accident takes place and it ruins your vehicle’s tires, you might qualify for compensation. You must have collision coverage to receive an insurance payment. A basic liability policy won’t fund this sort of repair.


If you accidentally strike a large pothole and it seriously harms one or more tires, you will probably have the opportunity to make a claim. As its name suggests, collision insurance covers collisions with other vehicles as well as most inanimate objects.


When vandals slash or otherwise destroy this part of a car, motorists can sometimes turn to an insurer for assistance. However, you’ll only qualify for help if you’ve purchased an optional comprehensive plan.


If someone steals your wheels, tires or the entire car, the right type of insurance might enable you to gain reimbursement. You must possess a comprehensive policy to receive compensation.

Worn Out

Insurers generally won’t pay to replace rubber that has simply worn out after traveling long distances or being used for many years. The same goes for most other parts, such as wipers and headlights.


It’s normally not possible to make an insurance claim when this equipment fails due to manufacturing defects. You may be able to obtain funds from the manufacturer through a warranty claim or lawsuit.


When you drive over a nail and your tire becomes flat, an insurer might be able to help if your policy includes roadside assistance. Some plans charge extra for this feature.


Don’t forget that many policies have deductibles. Tires frequently cost $50 to $200 each depending on the size and type. If your deductible exceeds the value of a new unit, you won’t benefit from making a claim.

Basically, insurers may cover tire replacement when unforeseen events inflict damage. If you’ve been looking for affordable insurance in Austin, Texas, please use the website to request a free quote or contact our friendly local staff.