Towing or flatbed car transportation often proves necessary after a vehicle collision or mechanical failure. Severe weather can increase the likelihood that a vehicle will need to be towed. Depending on the circumstances and the type of policy you have, auto insurance may or may not cover the cost of this important service.


If towing is necessitated by a traffic accident, it’s possible that collision coverage or another motorist’s liability policy will pay. The outcome varies based on who is at fault and what insurance this person carries. You might have to pay for towing and wait to be reimbursed. When you need this service due to a disaster or vandalism, comprehensive car insurance may provide it.

Although it’s unlikely, your vehicle could become involved in an accident while being towed. This may happen if inclement weather caused the original crash and persists afterward. The damage would likely be covered by another individual’s liability policy, the tow truck’s on-hook insurance or your insurer. You’d have better protection in this situation if you carry collision coverage.


Some insurers sell towing coverage as an optional add-on. It typically reimburses motorists regardless of whether an accident has occurred. For instance, you could request a tow truck when your vehicle suffers mechanical problems or a large animal shatters the windshield. An insurer may require you to buy a comprehensive plan before you can add towing.

Roadside assistance is a similar add-on. In addition to vehicle transportation, it provides help with certain problems like lock-outs and dead batteries. Be sure to learn about any annual limits on service requests. Your insurer may include roadside assistance or charge around $20-80 per year. When you’re not covered, a single, relatively short tow frequently costs around $75.

The bottom line is that an insurer will probably fund towing as long as you possess the right coverage. If you must pay out of pocket before filing a claim, remember to request a detailed receipt and keep it in a safe place. Do you need affordable insurance that covers vehicle transportation? If so, please contact our independent agency for further details or use the website to obtain quotes.