The items inside of a vehicle are often visible and relatively vulnerable. You can protect them by choosing parking spaces wisely, installing a security system and always checking the door locks before you leave. Nonetheless, it isn’t always possible to prevent car burglaries. Insurance can help you when theft occurs, but coverage varies depending on what was stolen.

Personal Belongings

If a thief steals personal possessions, an auto insurer won’t pay for replacements. You must carry renter’s or home insurance to gain compensation. This type of coverage can reimburse you when a vehicle burglar takes your notebook computer, luggage or the items you bought at a store. However, you should keep in mind that deductibles and limits normally apply.

Vehicle Components

Car insurers cover the theft of built-in equipment, but you must have a comprehensive policy to qualify. For example, this kind of coverage will provide compensation if a criminal steals your vehicle’s original navigation system, stereo or driver’s seat. Some comprehensive auto policies also fund the replacement of aftermarket equipment, such as upgraded audio systems and wheels.

Extra Coverage

If you keep expensive belongings in your house and/or car, you might benefit from purchasing extra personal property coverage when you buy home or renter’s insurance. Likewise, you may need to upgrade your auto policy before it will cover a high-end aftermarket stereo system. A knowledgeable agent can help you determine what’s really necessary to adequately protect your investments.

Damaged Equipment

Thieves frequently inflict damage in the process of breaking into vehicles. Comprehensive auto plans pay for the associated car repairs. If a criminal harms any valuable personal possessions, you’ll need to make a home or renter’s claim to receive compensation. A policy with a low deductible would be more likely to provide a substantial amount of cash.

Basically, you can fully insure your vehicle and the belongings inside it by combining comprehensive auto and home or renter’s insurance. Consider using EZ Insurance if you’re looking for a provider of cheap auto insurance in Austin, Texas. Our local agency also offers affordable home, renter’s, RV, motorcycle and mobile home coverage. Please call or use our website to obtain up-to-date quotes.