Finding affordable auto insurance for high school students seems like something improbable. You could quickly notice your rates skyrocket once you add a teen driver onto your family plan. Nonetheless, there are several ways high school students can lower their insurance rates to standard levels, such as by taking advantage of discounts available to them. Below are the best ways to find affordable insurance for high school students.

Choose the right vehicle for a teen driver

One factor insurers look at when calculating insurance premiums is the type of car you’re driving. You will pay more for a black or red car (red is associated with speed while black is hard to see it at night), a jeep, sports car, or any other premium vehicle. Instead, pick something reliable yet affordable. The best car for high school students would be a four-door sedan in a visible color such as white, silver, green, and blue.

Shopping around

Shopping around is by far one of the best ways to get cheap auto insurance for high school students. Use the internet to compare different quotes from different insurance companies.

Discounts for teen drivers

Insurance companies offer some discounts explicitly for teens. One of them is the ‘good student discount.’ Insurers have determined that students with good grades are better drivers and therefore offer them such discounts. This applies to students with at least B-average (3.0 GPA). Another type of discount is driver’s education, which is extended to teens who have undertaken a drivers education course.

Search for school-sponsored programs

Some schools and colleges will actively provide their students with remedies, especially those with full-time student standing. Such programs are meant to help their students remain focused in the course of their studies. If the school doesn’t have such a plan, look through other associations, especially the school’s alumni association.

Stay on your parent’s insurance policy plan

As a high school student, the best way to get cheap auto insurance is to stay on your parent’s insurance plan for as long as possible. Their good driving history will help you keep your premiums low. Family plans could be a lot more efficient than individual plans.

Drivers in high school students can be costly to insure. Find out from a local auto insurance agent what discounts are available for such drivers. EZ Insurance of Austin, TX, can help high school students get cheaper insurance quotes. Contact us today to get started.