47 of the 50 states require people vehicles to be covered by automotive insurance policies. At a bare minimum, they must have liability coverage, meaning their insurance providers will pay for any damages inflicted on others in the event of an accident.

Everyone’s auto insurance premiums are a different amount for a variety of reasons. Some people drive new, expensive vehicles that would cost a fortune to replace or repair. Cheap, old vehicles, on the other hand, are inexpensive to cover.

There are a number of other factors that weigh into insurance premium calculations, ranging from gender to the highest level of education drivers have completed.

When it comes to auto insurance, so many Americans have high monthly premiums for seemingly no reason. Let’s check out a few reasons as to why people’s insurance premiums are so high.

Insurance providers don’t like it when policyholders cancel

It’s totally legal to stop paying monthly premiums to auto insurance providers. However, once you stop paying them, your vehicle won’t be covered by the policies you used to pay for.

Insurance companies want their policyholders to consistently pay their premiums. They consider people who have backed out on previous policies one or more times to be flaky and unreliable, giving them a reason to up the dollar value of premiums.

You are insured by an out-of-town insurance agency

Smaller, local insurance agencies are usually more willing to provide people with bad marks – things that insurance companies don’t like to see on their policyholders’ histories – on their record with reasonable premiums.

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Don’t let young people drive your car

Human brains don’t fully develop until their mid- to late-20s. The decision-making center in their brain is one of the last parts of the brain to fully mature, which is the reason why young people are more likely to engage in risky behavior.

Insurance providers know this all too well. Make sure you don’t have people younger than 25 years of age on your insurance. If you tell your insurance provider this, they’re certain to tax you to the maximum.