When you apply for auto insurance, companies will assess your driving record to determine how likely you are to file a claim. If you’ve been in several accidents or filed auto insurance claims frequently, insurance companies may consider you a risky person to insure. This can drive your car insurance rates up dramatically, and some companies may deny you insurance altogether. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry – you can still get insurance. Here are some tips to help you find the right policy.

Work with an independent insurance agent

Independent insurance agents are experts in their field and have extensive knowledge of the many different types of policies on the market. They will likely be able to direct you to insurance companies that are lenient about driving records and help you find a policy that gives you appropriate coverage. Another advantage of working with an independent agency is that they have relationships with local and regional agencies, who often are able to offer good prices and reliable customer service.

Take defensive driving classes

In many states, you can earn a discount on your car insurance by taking a defensive driving class. These classes aren’t particularly time-consuming or difficult, and they can get you back in good graces with your insurance company after a major accident or insurance claim. You should also ask your insurance company if there are any other discounts you qualify for – this can help lower your premiums if you’re struggling to afford them.

Lower your coverage amount

If you’re struggling with unaffordable premiums, try lowering the amount of coverage you have. Lowering the dollar amount on your liability coverage or removing comprehensive coverage will make your monthly payments much lower. Of course, you won’t get the same amount of coverage in an emergency, but if you’re on a budget, this can help. Raising your deductible is another good way to lower your premiums. This means you’ll pay more out of pocket if you do file a claim.

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