Getting your car on the road doesn’t have to be extremely expensive if you live in Austin, Texas. You can get cheap auto insurance online from a local direct agency such as EZ Insurance of Austin, Texas. Before you invest in auto insurance you should know a few things about what the law requires in the state of Texas.

Requirements for Auto Insurance in Texas

The state of Texas requires that all drivers must establish financial responsibility for their vehicles. Everyone needs to take out affordable liability insurance so they have financial responsibility in the event an accident occurs when operating a motor vehicle.

Texas state law requires that coverage of $25,000 property, $30,000 personal injury for the driver and $60,000 worth of personal injury insurance for all persons involved in any potential accident involving the insured vehicle is in place at all times.

This obligation is easily met by purchasing a simple auto liability policy. TexasSure is an insurance verification program that is used in the state of Texas by law enforcement officers. It gives officials real-time, instant access to insurance information, so you need insurance to avoid serious legal issues.

Where to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

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If you are purchasing an auto liability policy online you will be directed through a series of questions in our simple online form. After answering a number of simple questions you will be given a quote that you can use to secure and purchase auto liability policy directly online. The website will give you all the information you need concerning your insurance ID cards and how to make payments.

EZ Insurance of Austin Texas has four convenient locations and is always available to assist you during normal office hours, and you can count on us to be reliable and trustworthy auto insurance providers that will cover you and your vehicle for years to come.