When an accident takes place, auto insurance can help you avoid the burdens of huge repair and medical bills. However, insurers will only provide reimbursement when motorists supply enough information and allow adjusters to thoroughly assess the extent of the damage. You can hasten the process and increase the likelihood of success by following these tips:

1. Contact the local authorities right away. Your insurer will probably want to see a police report when it processes the claim. Police officers can provide basic estimates of the cost to repair each vehicle. Be sure to seek emergency medical attention if necessary.

2. Take photos and record information about the accident when you can do so safely. Gather contact info for witnesses and any other motorists who were involved in a collision. Take the time to collect and share auto insurance details as well.

3. Call the insurer without delay. You should have the company’s telephone number in your car. A representative will ask several questions about the collision, vehicle, witnesses and drivers. Have a pen and paper ready; he or she will provide you with a claim number and other important details. Remember to quickly respond to any subsequent phone calls.

4. When you speak to an adjuster, it’s crucial to tell the truth. Describe what you actually experienced rather than what you believe. Never accuse another motorist of intentional misconduct or drug use unless you’re absolutely certain. Don’t blame yourself for another person’s mistakes or vice versa.

5. Let the insurance company assess accident damage before you repair the car. If the vehicle needs immediate service to prevent water damage or other additional harm, be sure to discuss this situation with your insurer right away. Insurance providers can expedite the approval of initial repairs in this situation.

Finally, remember to retain receipts for parts and service. It’s best to make copies of all important documents. If you need to obtain affordable auto insurance or want to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan, please use our online quote system or contact us to learn more. Our independent agency in Austin, Texas offers dependable coverage from trusted insurers.