The internet has improved our lives in many ways. Despite offering several benefits, most people develop cold feet when making serious investments, like purchasing auto insurance online. If you’re one of them, here are five reasons why buying your car insurance online from a local agency is a smart move:

1. Lots of options

Buying auto insurance directly from an agent may seem convincing, but you may be missing the big picture. For instance, you don’t have a lot of options to compare. With an online purchase, you can compare the pros and cons, peer reviews and qualification factors from multiple insurance companies before making an informed decision.

2. Avoid marketing tricks

Most insurance agents are salespeople trying to market a product. As such, most of them use marketing tricks, and some may even overlook what suits you. But when you buy your auto insurance online, you have no one to match wits with. You access information about various policies before choosing what’s best for you.

3. Cost-effective

Most insurance agencies advise clients to purchase their car insurance or pay premiums online because it reduces the cost of paying commissions to agents, and other expenses such as processing of documents. The insurance company then passes down the benefits – like affordable policies and low premiums – to you the customer.

4. Numerous discounts and offers

Most insurers and partners offer lucrative deals, such as discounts to encourage people to buy their auto insurance online. For example, some credit cards offer 5% cash back once the transaction is complete. Therefore, you can save hundreds of dollars annually if you pay premiums or buy policies online.

5. Quick, simple and safe

We lead busy lives and you can’t afford to waste your time on redundant activities. Auto insurance can be obtained in a few clicks. You don’t need elaborate forms and other complicated features – just click, read, re-read, understand and purchase. Reputable companies also offer secure websites to safeguard sensitive data and information.

Insurance companies provide simple information online with the aim of being transparent and helping you understand insurance terms and make informed decisions. For more information, please contact us via email, online form or call center.