When choosing the best car insurance for your needs, you’ve probably heard a wide variety of advice about what affects your premiums and what you should and shouldn’t do when choosing a policy. However, it can be difficult to know what’s actually true and what you need to ignore. Today, we’re busting some of the most popular car insurance myths so you are better equipped to choose the best policy for your needs.

The color of your car can affect your premium

There is a very common myth that the car you choose can affect the price of your auto insurance, but it’s simply not true. While there are many other things insurance companies take into consideration, the color of the car doesn’t matter. In particular, there is a myth that red cars and other bright colors cost more to insure, but this is one you can just ignore.

The minimum amount of required car insurance will cover me if I get in an accident

Every state has a legal minimum amount of auto insurance that drivers are required to have. Many people believe that because it’s required, it will be enough to cover them should they get in an accident or incur other damages to their car. This is actually not the case – if you only have the minimum amount of insurance, there’s a good chance you are going to end up paying large amounts out of pocket.

Getting a ticket will drive up the price of your insurance

While insurance companies do look at your driving record, this doesn’t necessarily mean that one ticket will send your premiums through the roof. Many insurance companies now offer accident forgiveness, and they often don’t factor in very small infractions if your record is typically clean.

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