Bluebonnets are popping up all over central Texas which means only one thing: it’s officially spring time! It seems we’ve left cold weather in the past as warmer, humid days come marching in. So, besides finally unwrapping your pipes for good and turning off the heater (until next fall, anyways!), what do the changing seasons imply for your home? Spring maintenance, of course! There are several things to check on that will keep your home in top shape as we transition into spring.

  1. Roofs and gutters. Oak trees are beautiful and stately, but anyone who lives in Texas knows that it’s hard to find a messier tree anywhere. Between the falling leaves, clouds of yellow pollen, and creepy, dangling caterpillars (their scientific name, we believe), it can feel like your yard, home, and cars are being ambushed on a daily basis. While the trees are doing their thing, we urge homeowners to keep their cars in the garage and to throw a cover over decks, barbecues, and pools: really, anything you don’t want covered in yellow dust. Once the assault is over, it’s time to get down to business: clean out those gutters! With all the spring showers, it’s important to keep gutters clear. Homeowners should also try to clear off any leaves that have gathered in the crevices where sloping roofs meet, or where the roof meets the wall of the house. As trees begin sending out shoots and branches grow, it’s always important to start trimming those trees that touch the roof again. Remember, not only can broken branches fall on roofs and cause damage during storms, hanging branches also provide a nice bridge from tree to home for pesky insects.
  2. Yard maintenance. Check to see how level the ground is: if there are any low spots, consider getting some fill dirt to even things out to avoid any flooding or swampy regions in your yard once the spring rains start. Not only can boggy regions damage your home, they are also breeding grounds for mosquitos. Mow through overgrown lawns and sprouting weeds as quickly as you can: lush, grassy areas harbor other unwelcome things, like snakes and fireant mounds. Be sure to edge along the house and fence lines.
  3. Pest control. Speaking of unwelcome things, it’s a good idea to have pest control spray around your home to keep the outside well, outside. It’s especially a good idea to have your home inspected and sprayed for termites, as termite damage can be very severe. Termites are typically most active during the spring time, so don’t hesitate to protect your home early on in the season.
  4. A/C maintenance. We all know that it doesn’t take long for the heat to ramp up, so consider having a specialist come to your home to do a quick A/C tune-up and maintenance check as you begin running it again. This way, you can rest assured that one of your most important appliances won’t quit on you unexpectedly during those hot summer months. If you have a home warranty, often such a routine check will be covered at no charge.


By spending a little extra time preparing your home for the changing seasons, you can be sure to spend more time enjoying the sunshine this spring and less time worrying over potential issues with your home.