There’s no question about it, most teens lack the experience to make great drivers and strong decision makers behind the wheel. However, this doesn’t mean that parents are to blame or have no other choice but to shoulder all the loss because of their children’s irrational driving habits. Parents actually have a bigger role to play in ensuring their kids learn how to be better drivers.

Below are some great tips parents can use to ensure their teens become better drivers every day:

Be a good example

The first step in ensuring your teen becomes a responsible and experienced driver is by setting yourself as an example to them, particularly if you’re using the same car. If you’re frequently issued tickets and traffic court dates, your child might assume that ignoring traffic laws is nothing to worry about. They might think one simply asks for forgiveness whenever one gets caught due to irresponsible driving. Make sure your driving record is as outstanding as you want your child’s to be at all times.

Read the handbook together

Many teens have a reputation for temporarily memorizing what’s in the DMV handbook just to land a driver’s license in their hands. As a parent, you should talk to your child about the importance of understanding the DMV handbook before taking the test. Work with your child and study the manual together, describing concepts in the manual to them in a way they won’t forget. Eventually, you’ll find that the lessons acquired will be lifelong ones.

Don’t lose patience

Teaching a teen how to drive isn’t a fun experience for most parents. There’s a lot of nagging and yelling involved, which makes most parents want to give up on their child. Don’t lose patience or take the offensive with your teen. Understand where your child is coming from, and teach them some essential driving techniques in a manner they would feel happy and appreciated.

Watch videos

There are tons of videos available online and at your local library to help people hone their driving skills. Watch these videos with your teen and talk about the areas of interest found in the video. These lessons can make a big difference when your teen goes driving into the real world.

Working together with your teen can ensure that he or she gains firsthand knowledge, which can keep them safe when they’re on their own behind the wheel. Contact EZ Insurance today and we’ll help you find the most affordable insurance in Austin Texas!